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Apr. 17th, 2004

Minky is mod!

Anniversary Number Dos!

Well, apparently it's been exactly TWO YEARS to the day that I signed up for my account with Live Journal. I'm sad to say that I hadn't updated in over a year until recently. My duties with N.A.U.S.E.A.T.E. kept me so busy that I haven't had much time to log personal thoughts and such minor trivia.

How rude!

Well, Yours Truly just noticed that there's a site logging all the new photos posted to Live Journal!

I surely hope not many people see this, or else it's all gone to hell! People will see me and Ted cuddling after sex! That's too private to share with the world!
Minky is mod!

A new beginning.

It's like in Star Trek...or wait, I don't remember. I could have been hallucinating from all the mushrooms we did at the photo shoot.

Well, kids, things haven't been so high-falutin' recently. To help pay the bills, Yours Truly has had to engage in a little less-than-savory behavior to bring in the bling. All in all, it was still a grand time. Even if I did have to have sex on camera.

Here's a sneak peek:

It's the ad for the "adult service" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)!

Oh, and here's me and Ted engaged in some wacky hi-jinks! Looks like Ted is enjoying himself!

That's all for now, toodles and smooches to all my fans.

The Divine Miss Minky

Apr. 18th, 2003

Minky is mod!

Carribean, whoo!

Well, today I'm off on my trip to the Caribbean for my next photo shoot. The shoot is for the cover of the next issue of the N.A.U.S.E.A.T.E. Newsletter. It'll be two weeks of fun, sun, sex and modeling for photos.

I'm hoping that Hasselhoff is there at the same time we are, because we had SO much fun in Aruba. I think we might have even ended up eloping and then anulling our marriage of convenience, but we were both so DRUNK that I can't remember!

Too many mudslides=marriage, kids, so take this bit of sage advice from your Aunt Minky: always carry a pre-nuptial agreement on your person when out clubbing and boozing it up.

I'm off to the airport, so wish me luck!

Hugs and Hasselhoff,
Your Sweet Love, the Divine Miss Minky

Jun. 17th, 2002

Minky is mod!

You're reading the journal of a very sad doll.

I'm upset. Very upset.

My favorite site in the world, memepool.com had an item about blogs. They linked to moms with blogs, a cat with a blog, and God's blog.

But, and this is the horrible part, they didn't like to MY LIVEJOURNAL!
Me, Gargleminky, most hideous doll in the entire space/time continuum. Am I not good enough? Is that it?

How could they not to link to me? *SOB*

I'm better than that stupid cat, any day.

Jun. 1st, 2002

Minky is mod!


I wish it to be known that I, The Divine Ms. Gargle Minky, have unraveled the deep and mysterious secrets of time travel!!!

Using my new, high-tech time machine, I will travel back through the annals of LiveJournal to go where no spokesdoll has gone before.

I intend to post from centuries past, to let people know of the adventures that I have in other lands and times.

Ms. Gargle Moped

May. 21st, 2002

Minky is mod!


Shooting has commenced on the movie, but I can't divulge the secret location - unfortunately for you dear friends. But I know you all wish me well, and I miss you all!

I can say, though, that I love the cast and crew, they're all so great. A doll could really get used to all this star treatment!

And my baby, Barb, is coming to visit me on the set tomorrow. w00t, does it get any better?!?

Shouts out to Netty, Wilbur, Sita, Nort, Allie, Paulette, and Melinda, you know I love you guys!

Kissles and Snuggles,
Ms. Minky, Superstar

May. 6th, 2002

Minky is mod!

(no subject)

Should have some photos from the last photo shoot soon, then I'll scan them and post them.

Off to another shoot tomorrow. Cross your fingers everybody, I have to work with those damned flying monekys again, and you know what a mess they make of everything!

Miss Minky

Apr. 29th, 2002

Minky is mod!

(no subject)

Well, I had the day off, so I spent time with my sweetie, Barbie. I tell you, she's a doll! :)

First we rented some movies:
The Puppet Master
Child's Play
Being John Malkovich

Then, we went to a nice French restaurant for dinner. After that, we had a night of wild passion, but I won't kiss and tell. Barbie hates that!

Aside from that, I went to the audition for the movie, it doesn't have a name yet, but I got the part. I think it was probably written for me, so it wasn't too vexing. I'm looking forward to shooting, they said it might start sometime in the next 3 months. Look for me to be in the tabloids, everybody.

Shout-outs to Tamara, Terry, Old Shane, Marcus, Freddy and Lola. Hugz to you all!

Miss Minkee

Apr. 26th, 2002

Minky is mod!


I'm going to take a little power nap right now, since the photo shoot wore me out.

More about that later, and some gossip...I heard those munchkins telling rumors you would NOT believe! I'll share them after I've rested.

Au Revoir, mon Chats!

Bon Mots and Smooches,
Ms. Sleepy Gargle!

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